Causes of heartburn

Cause heartburn can the sugar, alcoholic beverages, peppermint essential oil, chocolate, tea and coffee, fatty foods, dairy products, orange juice, spices and tomatoes. All of these products have irritating effects on the gastric mucosa and provoke the weakening of the sphincter of the esophagus that allows the acid to penetrate freely into the esophagus.
To exclude them from the diet completely is not necessary, just limit the amount of their consumption.

Remember that alcoholic drinks can irritate the stomach wall and can cause an increased secretion of gastric juice and weaken the sphincter of the esophagus. Milk in the first few minutes after drinking it will relieve the heartburn, but after a while will trigger a new and more powerful "fire" in the stomach. Therefore it is better dairy products to consume not separately, but together with other food.

Orange juice contributes to impaired coordination of muscular movement of the esophagus, which leads to a spasm. To unsubscribe from this healthy drink is not necessary, just limit it to a single number up to 50 ml a day.

The principles of nutrition with heartburn

Diet for heartburn involves the frequent use of food - not less than 6 times a day in small portions. The amount of food limit the amount at its discretion, but be careful to avoid any feeling of hunger. That is 2-3 hours to eat something, for example, a Cup of tea with savoury biscuits.

Heartburn sugar should not be consumed, but from complex carbohydrates did not need to. In the diet include rice, bread and pasta - these foods contribute to the gastric juice secretion.

Eat very slowly, chewing food thoroughly. On average, a meal should last at least 20 minutes.
After a meal for 40-50 minutes keep a vertical position.

Protein foods plays an important role for the proper secretion of the stomach. Give preference to vegetable proteins, which are members found in soy, lentils, beans and so on.

Against heartburn are excellent for the following vegetable juices that should be consumed 3 times a day before meals:
- potato juice - 100 ml;
- cabbage juice - 50 ml;
- cucumber juice - 100 ml.

To diet helped to cope with heartburn, consult your doctor who will provide the necessary guidance, given your health condition.