You will need
  • - registration in the Russian Federation;
  • - copy of passport of foreign citizen.
Determine what purpose the foreign national is going to visit Russia, what is the duration of his trip, how often he needs to cross a border. Invitations are divided into business and tourist guest.
Inviting a foreign citizen to his guests, you must obtain the guest invitation. Please contact the FMS at the place of your registration, which will help to fill out the necessary application. Please note that you must be the owner of the property in which you plan to residence of the foreigner. Accurately enter data of the invited person, the place of his stay in Russia, purpose, duration, travel date. The design of the invitation, lasts 30 calendar days.
When making the guest invitations you need to have a copy of the passport of a foreign citizen and a completed application. Application should be filled in Russian language.
When the invitation is ready, it will send the alien a master at arms. He must contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation on the territory of the country for registration of guest visas. You will need to provide the required documents and pay a fee. The set of documents may differ significantly in different countries, as well as the amount of the fee.
The right of the tourist invitation possess only the tourist company. On his behalf they execute this document, containing all necessary data and send it to the foreigner by mail or Fax. The design of such an invitation usually takes 24 hours. After receiving the invitation, the citizen goes to the Consulate to process a tourist visa.
Business invitations are issued only by legal entities accredited with appropriate authority. They carry out this procedure through the Federal migration service or the Consular Department of the foreign Ministry.