You will need
  • - Internet;
  • money.
  • - costumes;
  • - props;
  • music;
  • - staff.
Choose the direction that will work for your group. Based not only on their personal preferences, but also on current trends. Consider the prospects of performances and touring activities in the future.
Search for or select a group leader who could fulfil the role of a choreographer. His responsibilities will include administration, team management, strategy, development, promotion, recruitment. Subsequently, the functions of the administrator and artistic Director of the appropriate spread between the different specialists.
Enter the team. If you rotate in an appropriate environment, for example, learn in dance school, invite their friends to create a group. In this case, you will already have an idea about the abilities and seriousness of the participants. If you do not have enough candidates among friends, make a list of requirements and do a General casting.
Create a repertoire and develop rehearsal schedules. Choosing pieces with focus on planned interventions. If you have the opportunity, write some music specifically for your group so the team will be more recognizable.
Order the costumes and props needed for performances. Impressive appearance and sophisticated style of the group is one of the essential components of future success.
Expand the scope of activities. You can do as an independent shows and working with other ensembles (vocal, theatrical). Be aware of international competitions, big festivals, television production. Significant victories and high-profile projects invariably affect your popularity.