Does having a rooster for egg laying chicken?

Farmers and breeders have long noted that the chicken can lay eggs on their own, in the absence of a rooster. Many farms breed chickens without roosters, but this does not affect the ability of chickens to lay eggs. However, it is believed that fertilized eggs from chickens more useful and stored for longer than hens ' eggs, which are carried by themselves.

Usually give birth to ten hens to one rooster. He, like a true gentleman, beckoning the chickens to his guards, watching a kind of order in the chicken coop. Traditionally, the rooster inseminates several chickens all year round. Their sexual intercourse is called "localny kiss" from the name of the genitalia cock – the cloaca. Cock sperm into the oviduct of the hen during the friction of their sex organs – cloaca. For 20 days they retain their ability to fertilize the maturing eggs. So get chickens. And chickens, who did not know a cock from the eggs of chickens can't hatch.

Eggs chickens represent a huge egg. And they, like women, are produced each month, regardless of whether the next man or not. However, for procreation, definitely need two of the body – female and male.

Characteristics of unfertilized eggs of chickens

A rooster does not affect the ability of chickens to lay eggs. But unfertilized eggs are considered to be less calorie, diet that contains less nutrients, although in taste they do not differ from the fertilized. It is believed that the presence of the cock egg laying hens increases. Without it, the hens lay eggs about ten years, but over time, their ability to lay eggs is reduced by 10-15 %.

Chickens update usually every couple of years if there is no rooster. But 15-20 hens having only one cock, because the more roosters, the hens will look pathetic and plucked.

In many farmlands after the cock made his case, it allowed for meat to feed because it is no longer profitable. In addition, the cock chococat, beckoning the chickens. Some poultry farmers do not like this noise and harem who breeds cock.

To increase egg production of laying hens in their feed spiked with special additives and stimulants. Such unfertilized eggs are sold in shops and supermarkets. But eggs for centuries considered to be healthier and brighter in color of the yolk.