Advice 1: How to go to graduate school, MSU

Admission to graduate school is an important step in life of each student. After all, this is a chance to learn new things, improve their own education and bring their own inventions in science. Postgraduate course at Moscow state University - one of the best material and technical bases throughout the country. Yes, and the status of a graduate student who graduated from MSU, is quite weighty.
How to go to graduate school, MSU
You will need
  • - copy of diploma on higher professional education with the application;
  • - a personal form of accounting personnel;
  • - autobiography;
  • - extract from the minutes of the meeting of the academic Council;
  • - characteristic-recommendation from the place of work;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - form 2.2, for persons who have passed candidate examinations;
  • - list of published scientific works (if any).
To enter the postgraduate course of Moscow state University you can only be the case if your age not more than 35 years. Also you have to be University degree and experience in your specialty minimum of 2 years. Moreover, it is believed this period from the end of your higher education. If you are still during his studies, dreamed of becoming a graduate student, you can try to do immediately after graduation. This will help you assembled the recommendations of the scientific councils of the faculties of the universities. But I will give you these recommendations only if during study you have shown your ability and desire to study science.
If you match all the settings in applicants to graduate school, then collect documents. For admission to postgraduate studies, you will need application, copy of diploma, personal form from the personnel Department, the autobiography, the characteristic from a work place, a copy of employment record or employment contracts, medical certificate, list of published scientific works (those who entered immediately after graduation) and extract from the minutes of the meeting of the academic Council (also for those who entered immediately after finishing basic training in the specialty). To apply bring your passport and original diploma. Submission of documents on internal order of the University is from July 1 to August 15.
After you are filing, you will need to pass the entrance exams. For post graduate of Moscow state University they are specially designed taking into account the volume of the existing programs of the University. In the list of exams are: testing in special discipline, examination in philosophy and foreign language. The dates of exams from 6 to 21 September. Note that the re-examination is not allowed. So you have this period only one chance to be a graduate student. The next attempt to do you can use.
As for reorganization issues, then you put on the time exams additional leave at work. The duration is 30 days. In this case you have to save wages. If you are not a Muscovite, and you have nowhere to live, you should know that at the time of admission tests for foreign candidates to post-graduate students of Moscow state University provides the hostel.
Enrolled in graduate school on 1 October. Training term in internal postgraduate study is 3 years and extramural - 4.

Advice 2 : Like to recommend for admission to graduate school

Postgraduate – postgraduate education that gives those who want to do scientific work and to defend his thesis by the end of it. To obtain such an education can be in person or in absentia. But in any case, for admission to graduate school must submit a recommendation.
Like to recommend for admission to graduate school
To become a graduate student at the selected University, you need to be a Russian citizen, age not over 35 years and a diploma confirming that a person has acquired higher professional education. The candidate may submit the application and recommendation for admission immediately after graduation or after working production on the specialty not less than 2 years. In the case when he wants to do right after high school, the recommendation must give him the chair, which was protected by his diploma, or the academic Council. When people will arrive, having worked in manufacturing, suggesting it should management of the enterprise. Writing such recommendations, and the requirements for its design will be the same.
A letter of recommendation, in essence, it's the same feature, but with specific characteristics in accordance with where it is. The recommendation for admission to graduate school, of course, must reflect the qualities of a future graduate student who will take him in scientific activities. In addition, this document is a kind of guarantee. Written recommendation on behalf of a legal entity, therefore, prepared on the letterhead of the University or of the company, which has all the details that make it a legally binding document.
In the header that you want to write in the middle of the line details, you need to specify the name of the document – the "Feature recommendation" to whom it is made and why – "for admission to graduate school". In the first paragraph should mention the year of birth and the time from which this person studied at the same University or worked at the plant, his specialty or job.
The main part is necessary to list the qualities that allow us to recommend this person for graduate studies and scientific activities. But you should not just to mention or list them unfounded, must written to confirm those facts, which would serve as confirmation to mention received increased scholarships, grants, awards, and certificates, participation in competitions, contests.
At the end of the main text to write that the chair of the academic Council or the management of the organization considers it possible to recommend this candidate for graduate studies. Signs the recommendation of the authorised person indicating the position and academic rank, surname and initials. You must also provide contact details of the referrer, so if necessary, he can contact employees of the University. The signature must be stamped. At the end of the document put date recommendations.
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