The device for measuring water temperature

To find the temperature of the water in the river, using different types of thermometers. They may be mercury, electrical or electronic. Since the measured parameter on the surface of the river is different from the temperature at depth, in different cases, use different types of devices – surface and deep thermometers.

The easiest way to find out what the temperature in the surface layers of the river. Such measurements are the traditional mercury device or its more sophisticated counterpart, which is also called the spring thermometer. Common household measuring tool, it is sufficient to drop into a bucket filled with water collected with the water surface.

A spring thermometer is more convenient. It is composed of a special tank surrounded by insulating material which protects the mercury from the action of temperature after removing the device from the water. Such thermal protection may be made of cork or rubber. Often spring thermometer inserted into the frame of the metal.
The readings are not removed immediately, but after two or three minutes the thermometer in the water.

To determine the temperature at considerable depths of the river used mercury thermometer breaking type. It consists of two parts. Primary and secondary thermometers are connected together and inserted in a tube of thick glass. Take readings in the open air, introducing an amendment which is calculated on a scale auxiliary device. Today is also increasingly used thermometers electric and electronic type.

How to measure the temperature of the water in the river

Measure the temperature of the water in the river at the same time fixed gauges or hydrological stations. If during the day observed strong fluctuations of temperature of air and water, there are also additional observations.
The temperature at considerable depths is determined by a special program, especially if studies on the formation of surface ice coverage or depth of ice.

The measurement are mercury, electrical or electronic devices, which have a higher accuracy. The results of the measurements bring to the table on the basis of which specialists build graphs of fluctuations of water temperature in the observation point.

The processed and summarized information is sent to the regional national weather, where they can obtain upon request. Such information is useful for organizations that are on rivers and commercial operations. Separate monitoring centers publish on their websites information about the temperature of the water in large rivers. As example, the information portal of the Volgograd weather center where is regularly published data about the temperature of the Volga near the river port.

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