The main street of Petersburg - Nevsky prospect - whatever the weather looks wonderful and romantic. A fine clear evening you can just walk along this straight as an arrow, the street is lit with myriads of lights. From afar, the spire of the Admiralty solemnly crowned by the prospect. A few bad weather does not spoil the view of Nevsky, the veil of rain makes the street look enigmatic and mysterious. In the evening, the puddles and water channels reflected the light of numerous lanterns. Shivering, visitors will find cozy cafes and restaurants located along the Avenue.Trip to Peterhof will make a meeting in a small romantic trip. Take a stroll at the fountains, to breathe the very special air of these places and sit in the shade of Linden and maple trees - what could be better. This date will surely remember for a long time.On warm days, on the banks of the Neva spend an amazing laser show. In the air draw amazing paintings that float above the waters of the river. On one of these shows you can invite the girl, fortunately there is no need to pre-buy a ticket.Entertainment center "Planeta Neptun" offers a variety of recreational activities. Here is the country's largest Oceanarium of St. Petersburg, in which live fish and marine animals from different climate zones. In a huge water space is inhabited by rare representatives of sea fauna. Visiting the Aquarium, you can watch their life in their natural habitat. Here you can see the fishes of the North-Western Russian rivers, the Amazon basin and animals from the zone of coral reefs. In the Aquarium are a show featuring seals and sharks. For the bravest - diving-diver.Looking in "TRANS-Fors" - the center of virtual entertainment Petersburg, you can find yourself in several countries around the world. This is due to the three-dimensional virtual simulation space.In conclusion, you can admire how the bridges over the Neva. This is a majestic and unforgettable sight. The final chord of a romantic date is a visit to Potselueva bridge. For those who believe in omens - kiss on the bridge holds together relations for years to come.