That will give the child the music?

Before you give your son or daughter to music school, parents have to wonder whether there is a sense from early childhood to the burden of the child music. Psychologists and teachers are saying definitely Yes and there is some evidence:

  • Playing musical instrumen, the child develops fine motor finger, which is developing its brain activity.
  • In the school of music children are encouraged classical taste, so that it will be more aesthetically developed.
  • Music at a certain level goes into the images. Every teacher says the young musician about each piece that he plays: theme, plot, characters. With time, intrigued, the child will begin to look for information in books, and therefore would love to read.
  • Making art develops creativity, that will help a person " think outside the box.

At what age and on what the tool should give?

The beginning of the study and the instrument on which the child is going to learn to play, are closely linked. For example, the violin and piano are advised to start the sooner the better (successful musicians took the first lessons in 4-5 years), heavy on the accordion, or wind instruments, which require more or less light formed, it is recommended to start with a 8-9 years, guitarists can begin with an average of 10 years, and the percussion instruments - absolutely anytime (but still, the sooner the better). It is advisable to start learning at school and music school in one year, the child should get used to the load gradually.

The choice of musical instrument should not be carried out without the participation of the child. Turn on audio recording with sound of different instruments, go to some shows and see what will attract your child. And in no case should not think that musicians play only the violin and the piano: if the child expressed a desire to get behind the accordion or flute do not need to confront him. To play the piano learn all (every music school has a separate discipline for children playing all the instruments - the "total piano")

If you notice your son or daughter's beautiful voice or just a desire to sing, try to audition the vocal coach of almost any child will love to go to singing lessons. It should be noted that in a music school with a strong desire or abruptly began to develop the voice to ask for an extra lesson on the vocals even after two years of study on any instrument. However, a compulsory subject in every school of the music is choral singing where children will learn the basics of vocals.

What instrument is easiest to play?

You should never ask this question, choose the direction of training your child. To learn all the musical instruments (including human voice) are equally difficult, and none of them will not achieve mastery in a month or two. The system requires training and hard work.

Do I need to prepare for lessons at home?

Just like high school musical there is some homework for each of the number of objects that need to perform. Pay special attention to the specialty occupation musical instrument). At a very young age, try to control your child. Make sure he followed the instructions and practiced every day, albeit slightly. By the way, the last effort to play the instrument is still not worth it: the child can fall out of love with music just because of the fact that his "cause".