You will need
  • - registered email on;
  • - access to the Internet.
To change the password on the portal go to the main page and in the left part of the page immediately under the logo resource is says "Email" in the corresponding line enter your login (email address). Then click the link "Forgot password?" and go to a new page for account recovery.
To start, here you have to specify the email address, do not forget to choose the right domain. On there are several:,,, After that, click "Recover" and go to the next step.
To continue with password recovery procedure on the next page that opens will need a special field to enter characters from the image. After that, the phone number that was specified during the registration e-mail will be sent SMS-message with the code. Later you will need to enter to continue the restore procedure. Enter a combination of letters and numbers in the appropriate field, then click the button labeled "Get code by SMS". If you can't make out what exactly is written on the picture, click the link "see the code", and the picture will be updated. And you can again set.
For a few seconds on the telephone number which was previously entered on the password recovery page, will come SMS with an alphanumeric code. You will have to indicate in a special window has a new page. And only after that you should press the "finish"button.
The last step of restoring access to the e-mail is already in the password change. A new combination of characters that you are going to continue to use to sign in to their Inbox, to write at the next stage, where a new page will appear with two lines. Specify the new password in the upper graph, and then repeat it for the bottom. Then click "Log in email".
For convenience, it is recommended to write and save password in the new text document. In this case, you will not need to constantly sign in mail, it will be enough to copy the password from the file and paste it in a box on the main page.
If you remember the password, but just in case I decided to change it, you can use the above method or use for this purpose the second option. For this, you will need to log in your email and on the top toolbar find the "More" button, click it in the drop down window select "Preferences". You will then be directed to a new page where you will need to find the section "Password and security". These links are in the center of page and in left side. Click this button and in the opened window locate the button labeled "Change password". Click the link and a new window in the appropriate lines specify the current password and a new one which will be repeated again in the footer. In the special field enter the characters from the image and click "Edit". After you complete this step to access email you will need to specify the new password.