Before Curling you should wash your hair with good moisturizing shampoo and how to impregnate them with a moisturizing balm. It must be done in order for the curls were tight and held for a long time, since over-dried hair just crumble.
Washed hair do not immediately comb and dry hot stream of the hair dryer. First, a good Pat of non-rigid and fluffy towel, and allow hair to dry a little on their own, and then accrete comb comb with a few teeth. Wait until almost completely dry hair and proceed to apply styling products!
In order for the hair to stretch and not showered for a long time, it is quite important not to overdo it with styling products and to apply exactly the required number. To create gentle curls which is more suitable lightweight spray gel as mousses and foams have a slightly adhesive effect, they can, for example, to emphasize the individual strands. But the spray glitter effect is something that is needed to create a natural and elastic curls.
If you curl the hair on curlers, then take several large hair clips, separate the hair into strands and cut each of the tries on the back of his head. Take turns gently wrap them, trying to pull around the roots. Important: before a Perm hair should be slightly more humid than, for example, before Curling with hot tongs.
If you decide to curl hair with special Curling irons, that the main thing - to protect, not to burn through and does not overdry hair. So, first adjust the temperature - it is better if you are in doubt, do not overheat the iron and select the temperature is lower, otherwise the curls will fall apart in a few hours, and hair to recover you'll be even forever. Before laying it would be good to use a heat-protective spray. Divide hair into quite large strands and start Curling! Your hair should be Curling up to the area just above the middle.
So, your curls are ready. They should not brush comb with small teeth, and especially the massage - it's better to just separate the curls with your fingers again to sprinkle the fixative spray or a light varnish, possibly optional garnish with Bobby pins.