You will need
  • Conical bobbin, comb with frequent teeth, waterproof cover, composition for perming
  • porcelain bowl, fixing tool, sponge, protective gloves, measuring cylinder, three towels, cream, insulated cap, 9-percent solution of vinegar
First and foremost, you need to ensure that your hair length and the structure is suitable for this kind of chemistry. Wet Perm is best suited for long hair. Before you do chemo, the hair should be strengthened to treat and before they should not be painted. After that one should find the right tool for Curling, which is specifically designed for your hair type (oily, normal or dry) as well as to check for allergic reactions. For the latter, apply a small amount onto the skin of your wrist and wait about ten minutes. If you see redness, it means that you should find a different tool.
Before Curling, wash head soap twice. This soap loosens the structure of the hair, which will significantly improve the effect of the Perm.
Even wet hair should be divided into strands, width of the bobbin, which then is to wind the hair, but you need to keep in mind that the wind should not from the tips but from the roots.
Along the hairline lubricate the face cream, and tie a twisted towel. After that, throw a Cape and wear gloves.
Now prepare the composition in a porcelain bowl, following the instructions. A blotting movement apply it to your hair with a sponge. Once the hair is fully saturated means, cover them with foil and put on the cover. You need to keep depending on your hair, following the instructions.
After the desired time, rinse hair with warm water without removing the bobbins. The hair needs a good lather, and then apply the lock by using a clean sponge. Wait 7-10 minutes, then remove the rod and leave the hair to rest for another five minutes.
Wash your hair. After washing, rinse them in vinegar solution. Now you need to coat your hair strengthening conditioner. Leave your hair to dry without a Hairdryer. Try not to wash your hair for about three days.