You will need
  • - hair curlers,
  • - combs,
  • - foam for hair styling,
  • - chemical solution to long irons,
  • - mirror.
In order for hair to shoulders looked nice, they must be regularly curled. Curling can be as usual, done with the help of rollers, plates or irons, and long chemical. But whichever way you have permed hair, it should be done properly so as not to cause harm to their health and external condition.
If for Curling a normal curler is selected, you need special attention to be paid to their form and the direction of winding. For medium length hair it is better to choose curler the standard average diameter, not too thin and not large. Before winding the hair slightly wet and brush with a small amount of foam for hair styling. Then divide all the hair into three parts: basic, running from forehead to neck in the middle of the head, and side, exciting whiskey and areas over the ears.
Next, take one-by-one strands, pulling it vertical to the scalp and wrap the curler from the tip of the hair to the roots. Keep in mind that the direction of winding of the curl is also of great importance. In particular, if you need to tidy my hair, all curlers must be screwed down, as if wrapping the inside strands. All curlers must be neat in neat rows across the surface of the head. Conversely, if you want to get lush hair with the effect of light rattrapante, wrap the strands in different directions and choose them arbitrarily.
For medium length hair perfect Perm. Modern beauty salons offer a range of different types of treatments: basal, vertical, spiral, Brazilian blowout, etc. Also completely different may be its intensity – from small tight curls in black style to elegant ringlets, flowing soft waves. To choose a specific type of Perm will help you to master stylist based on your type of appearance and condition of hair.
Most popular hair medium length is the so-called American chemistry. Despite the relatively high cost, it is very popular due to the fact that creates a good amount when you done a natural way. Curls look almost natural.
French bubbly chemistry is well suited for oily hair. This Perm gives a strong small curls and good volume. It is perfect for medium length hair, giving the appearance of lush natural hair and at the same time drying with the hair. Not less popular is a chemical hair waving "Silk wave". It creates soft, silky tresses having a completely natural look. Due to the protein preparation used for this Curling, hair after the procedure look shiny and healthy.