Advice 1: Voluminous curls for thin hair

If your hair is straight and thin enough, and you dream about voluminous curls, do not rush to the salon to get a Perm - the result of it is though and durable, but the risk to damage hair and histoncal them too large. To make the curls very very easy, just need to know a few simple rules.
Voluminous curls for thin hair
You will need
  • foam or mousse for styling, Curling-ripple, conical tongs, a comb with a few teeth, brush hair
Wash the hair balm-conditioner containing moisturizing components. Hydration is necessary in order to, first, the hair is less damaged during installation, and secondly that the resulting curls were tighter and held better shape. Wrap the soft towel for a few minutes, and then a little dry. Gently comb with a comb with rare teeth.
Then separate the hair into large strands and apply a light product for styling (better if it will be the mousse or foam weak fixation) on the space of roots. Then lift the hair with the hair brush (if you have a professional Arsenal of tools, you can use a special comb to the root of the volume) and dry. If you need extra resistance, hold each section at the roots with forceps-ripple.
Now it is the time of the curls. Apply a styling medium or strong hold, carefully spread it and start to wind on the conical Curling iron. In what sequence is most convenient to wind the hair? Best to start with the strands at the nape, and you can then take the strands on the sides. Do not hurry with the wrap if you want your curls held for a long time: wrap the hair on the tongs, starting at the end and carefully making sure that the strand does not slip.
Release the curls from the Curling iron is slowly and carefully, otherwise, still hot strand will stretch and lose shape. Lower the clamp of the Curling iron and lightly loosen the curl is wound, and then carefully remove them.
Slightly necesite each strand with a thin comb and fix the paint medium or high commit. Your hair is gorgeous!

Advice 2: How to make voluminous curls

Many girls with straight hair envy the owners of beautiful curls and ringlets for not appreciating the gift of nature. But straight hair is, at least, one advantage: it is much harder to straighten curly hair than to cheat direct. Transform straight hair you can use several ways, while receiving a variety of size curls.
How to make voluminous curls
Using the first method you can create a slight negligence. This method works for short hair. For this you will need gel, mousse, or cream for volume, wax. Apply mousse and gel to damp hair. Then randomly, at random lift the strands up, slightly pull, shake and dry them with a Hairdryer at the roots. Slightly damp hair take a brush up and spray lacquer. Then again chaotic, jerky movements, dry hair. To add the strands Shine, on dry hair, apply a little wax. The effect of wet hair will help you to make your appearance sexy. To get it, use a special gel to the corresponding mark.
The second method used to create small curls. You'll need mousse (gel) and nozzle diffuser. On hair, apply mousse or gel and remember throughout their length. Then dry with a Hairdryer at the roots, with his head bowed down. Then gather your hair into a diffuser and dry on hot, but not very strong flow of air, pushing the diffuser to the head. Use only mousse or gel marked "easy fixing".
The third method will help you achieve small and large curls. Of the tools you will need the curlers and mousse (gel). With paper shoes to make charming curls , you can even in the morning before work. To do this, wash your head for an hour before going, apply mousse or gel and almost completely dry the hair. Divide them into strands and wound on curlers. First, the ends of the hair, and then the entire strand. The smaller the curlers you use, the stronger the curl will curl. Dry until the end of the hair and after an hour remove the curlers without pulling the curls. With your fingers separate the hair. Simulate hair without using a comb. The volume can be given with a hair dryer, then immediately secure the hair lacquer medium hold. If you want to enhance the effect of the curls, before winding on curlers loop each strand around its own axis.
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