If the buyer for whatever reason on the day of purchase it was disappointed and decided to return it, you must accept it. The acceptance of the goods make the act of return under the form of N KM-3, where the necessary details of cash receipt. Document create one instance and return to the accounting Department. In addition, we will issue an invoice (in two copies). One of them applied to the product report and the other given to the buyer and is the basis of getting money from the cash register.
Next on the check that was previously issued in the same office, signature of the Director of (Deputy). Then a check should be pasted on a sheet of paper and pass it to the accounting Department.
The amount that is paid by the buyer or refunded the unused cash the check, write in the book of the cashier-operator. In the end, the amount received is reduced, the amount of revenue for a given day.
If the return is not the day of purchase, and a day later, the refund escort of the main offices of the organization, but solely on the basis of a written application from the buyer, indicating their data, and upon presentation of a document that certifies his identity.
If a receipt was lost and the return is on the day of purchase, remove fiscal report from the Fund and fix the amount of daily revenue. Then in the journal and the report of the cashier-operationist prescribe the amount of the returned money. After that, make receipt, and return the money to the cashier of the firm.
If the return is not the day of purchase, the buyer writes a statement, present a passport, You, in turn, make the invoice and the goods come. In accounts make the account cash warrant on the basis of which the buyer can get his money back. The result of the required operation will be performed.