You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • printer;
  • paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • print.
The first reporting document over the past year, which you must provide in the tax, is information about the average number of employees. This document must be referred to the inspection or sent by mail not later than January 20.This is a typical paper form which can be downloaded online. Filling the difficulty. Regardless of the business and the availability of workers, entrepreneurs are required to surrender it in tax. Just those who don't, put in the appropriate column zero.
Mandatory for delivery document is the Declaration for the unified tax in connection with application of simplified system of taxation. The easiest way to generate it using a special service or accounting software. Most services take money for it. Among them are specialized to supply for you zero reporting. But you can solve the issue and free of charge, for example, the electronic accountant Elba.
The Declaration forms on the basis of your income and expenses in the system. If data is not there, the document will automatically get a zero.You can submit a Declaration via the Internet through the service. Another option is to download, print and take to the inspection personally or to send by mail.
The lack of activity does not negate the obligation to keep a book recording income and expenses. The easiest way to create it using the same electronic accountant Elba, and the benefit of this service is free.
Simply specify the desired command in the interface. On the basis of lack of data on revenues and expenditures of the system itself will generate the desired document.
It must be saved on the computer, print it, stitch in three threads, to assure the place of stitching stamp and signature indicating the number of sheets signed and stamped in the right places and attributed to the tax. And after 10 days to pick up the authenticated document.