First and foremost, you must know the symptoms of this disease. These include sudden onset of fever, bright red rash, severe pain in the throat. A characteristic feature – the change in appearance of language. Its edges become bright red (with pink tint) color, and the rest of the field as if covered with a white bloom. After a few days it disappears, the whole language becomes crimson red.
Alas, vaccination against this disease is not present, so it can affect almost anyone. Therefore, especially considering its high virulence, you should immediately isolate the sick child. Relatives and friends, caring for him, should strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene and wear protective masks, often changing them.
The dishes used by the sick child, linens, objects of care, treat with disinfectant solutions. Their composition and application procedure can learn, in consultation with the attending physician.
In kindergarten (or school), went to the ill child, had set quarantine for a period of seven days. The leadership of this institution and providers should take all measures to identify children in contact with the patient. Such children are prohibited to visit the kindergarten (school) for a period of not less than seventeen days from the date of last contact.
The recovered child should not go to kindergarten sooner than twelve days after complete recovery (at the conclusion of medics).
Remember that a strong, seasoned child, even in the event of illness, carries scarlet fever easier, and complications from it are rare. Therefore, parents should be a preventive measure to teach him how to exercise, complexes conduct training events. It is very important to ensure that the child's body was not foci of infection, that is promptly treat colds, inflammatory diseases.