Why adults get sick with scarlet fever?

Despite the fact that scarlet fever most often affects children, this disease has no age boundaries and can affect any man, the body which will be under the influence of the pathogen from the family streptococci. Purple fever is an old name of scarlet fever, is transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact.

Medicine known 3 forms of the disease: toxic-septic, worn and ekstrabukkalnaya. Adults can cheer toxic-septic scarlet fever, the rest of the forms inherent to children's age.
Adult patients occasionally there are cases abortive form of scarlet fever. It is expressed weakly: the intoxication of a minor, and rashes scanty and pale.

Signs of scarlet fever in adults

A characteristic symptom of scarlet fever in adults is considered to be redness of the mucous membrane of the throat. Further redness affects the whole surface of the skin, they appear rash.

The patient complains of weakness, lethargy, headaches. It raises the body temperature, nausea and vomiting. When swallowing food feels soreness in the throat.

Specific rash in the form of small bright red dots can contain transparent content. In some patients it is accompanied by severe itching. After a few days the rash fade, and the body temperature is lowered.

The diagnosis of "scarlet fever" in adults is based on clinical picture and availability of area of the body where the rash is absent. Usually this area is located between the nostrils and the chin, and he stands out on the background of reddened his body's paleness. It is on this basis and differencebut scarlet fever from other infectious diseases proceeding with similar symptoms.
Complications of scarlet fever in adults can be pathology of the heart muscle and kidneys, and other diseases of infectious-allergic nature.

How to treat scarlet fever in adults?

Treatment of scarlet fever in adult patients requires compliance with bed rest. In milder forms of the disease it is held at home, in difficult and advanced cases – in hospital.

The basis of the treatment is the purpose of penicillin, and, if necessary, it is replaced macrolides and cephalosporins of the first generation. During the treatment the patient is recommended to gargle with herbal infusions of calendula and vitamins. To relieve itching appointed antihistamines.

The treatment of scarlet fever is 10 days, 7 of which patients must stay in bed. After treatment redness of the skin disappears, and the rash dry up and peel.