Choose bamboo or wooden sticks. Plastic and glass slide, so they are not so comfortable to hold.
Always ensure that your fingers were closer to the middle of the sticks and the ends of the device is not crossed.
Place the bottom stick so that its middle was located at the tip of the bent ring finger, and the end is in the hollow between the thumb and forefinger. The top stick is located along the index finger, and her middle is sandwiched between the tips of the index and middle fingers. The ends of the sticks are parallel to each other. The lower chopstick is always motionless, but the top moves up and down, guided by my fingers.
The noodles are not made to wound on a stick. You grab it with the tips of your Cutlery as if pinching. If your noodle dish, enough to bring it to your mouth and draw in itself. Not worry considered improper in Western culture squishing. In the Eastern etiquette is music to the ears of the cook, showing how you taste his culinary skills.
If you are eating noodles in the broth, take in the other hand a special flat spoon. Shcherbinaite soup spoon, chopsticks take off her noodles and send in the mouth, with liquid squeezed more familiar to Europeans of the device. There is also forget about Western etiquette and feel free to SIP some. This behavior has also practical considerations, because in the Asian cuisine noodles, served so hot that can burn the mouth, and splat you draw cool air in and cool the portion that touches your palate and tongue.