Owners of relatively big capital it may be advisable to purchase the property. No matter what it is - a small office space or apartment in the center of Moscow, because the price of any real estate are rising steadily. Purchased can be leased and later (when prices will rise considerably) to resell. One has only to remember that when selling a property you will have to pay income tax. Typically, it is a perfectly legitimate way to minimize, acquiring a property to an offshore company, and reselling through her.
For most willing to invest money in a property , the above method is not available. But for them, there are investment funds of real estate, i.e. firms that invest a large number of investors in the building or premises and the mortgage loans. To invest small amounts (from 10000-15000 rubles). If you are willing to invest the money thus, you should find a suitable Foundation.
When choosing a Fund, consider the following factors: interest rate, Deposit term (as a rule, it needs to be quite long), as well as an amount sufficient to replenish the Fund. This is the minimum amount I can invest.
All funds have management companies. They are directly involved in the investment of investors in those or other objects. Before you select a Fund, read the reliability ratings of management companies (e.g., National rating Agency). The higher the rating, the better.
To directly invest money in the Fund, you need to buy its shares. Come to the Fund office and complete with its employees the required documents (application form, statement of account opening and purchase of units). Deposit money into the account and purchase shares. Actually, this operation is finished. In the future, we can only put a new amount.