Housing for rent – so the desired independence. This is an opportunity to build a life in its sole discretion, to create a family. But most often after an approximate calculation, "income-consumption" people come to the conclusion that to buy an apartment in the next hundred years, they most likely will not. Do not despair, and, inspired by the idea of acquiring their own homes, to develop a clear strategy for the implementation of intended ideas. The article presents a few feasible business ideas that might help you to extra income.

Agency services real estate

This is not the case when the shoemaker left without boots. You will learn the market and earning money by providing mediation services will be able to choose the most suitable option for yourself. If you manage to conduct a transaction as an intermediary, at least one flat, already get decent enough fees, on average 0.5% of the total cost.

If you accidentally learned that someone is going to sell the house, do not miss the information on deaf ears, offer your help or profit will accrue to somebody else. Renting and selling real estate is a continuous cycle, the business in which revolve a lot of money, that many important party can be without investing money.

After accumulating a certain amount, which is still not enough for the desired purchase, together with a business partner you can purchase shabby bargain apartment in the area and make it marketable. Buy material for repair stock and discounts, roll up your sleeves and fix a flat themselves, picking up a stunningly beautiful design solution. So you earn a lot of money on the resale of the apartment, which will become much more attractive and more expensive, thanks to your efforts.

Machine that makes money

If you have a car, let it work for you. The machine can be a good "horse" for earnings. By undermining a taxi in his spare time you can do and Express delivery. Another option of income – driving cars. It is a job to perform better together. Many vehicles are moved from Belarus or the Baltic States. You can make good money delivering cars from Germany. Often you will also download spare parts, household appliances, tires, in this case, the value of the contents exceeds the price of the delivered car.

Breeding rare fish

We are not talking about the crucians or gopika, there are fish worth hundreds of dollars. Space animals is a little, is quiet. Before breeding, make the monitoring of demand, walk around special shopping – your future customers will be ready to announce the list of fish for which demand is increasing. Similarly, you can earn by cultivating rare flowers, vegetable and horticultural crops, breeding animals.

Earn on an apartment for a year is quite possible, if it is good to plan the work, not to sit still. You can combine several activities, do not be lazy and go to the target.