The nature of scientific tourism in that each expedition is unique in its kind. To avoid the deserts of Australia, to observe under natural conditions the life of a Koala, kangaroo, Dingo dogs, spudded in the jungle (the largest river in the world – the Amazon, unearth ancient burial mounds in Mongolia. All this devoid of the monotony of the traditional holiday, which takes place on trampled by thousands of people route. The question arises is just one way to get there?
If you love history and archeology, will enter the UNIVERSITY in the appropriate branch. At any University, where taught archaeology, has its own laboratory, working in excavations. In the expedition you can get either in practice or enrolling in additional training (IDTP).
The second method requires from you personally complete the training, knowledge and, of course, considerable financial expenses. A standard set of treasure hunt: travel gear, shovel and a metal detector. To make it more fun create a team of like-minded people. Just keep in mind that the likelihood is low that your expedition will pay off. If you're going somewhere, you need to do not at random, and the results of the research. You will have to sit in libraries and archives to find something really worthwhile.
Another option is to enroll as a volunteer in the state expedition. However, perform you will have the most menial jobs: dig, sift the soil, and so on. Your work will not be paid, but you can smell the dust of ages. In addition, your accommodation and travel will be paid. To find information about the expeditions, read a newspaper, watch the news. Occasionally ads appear.
The options are many, most importantly, to expand its contacts in the scientific world, including to liaise with the organizers of the international expeditions. Abroad this deals with the National Geographic society. The website In Russia, it PRO, project "Russian expeditions", "the Himalayan club", "Jungle", "Arctic", Polar sailing squad. The Russian geographical society has offices in most regions. His official website Because wishing to go to expedition a lot, you should plan a trip for 2-3 months minimum.