Advice 1: How to get into training camp Hasan

Aion is a game where you can create your character. In this virtual world the player is in the company of like-minded people or even the whole Legion goes in search of adventure. And at one stage he will need to get into training camp.
How to get into training camp Hasan
To start hero will need to infiltrate the camp and get information about training Draconids. However, much more important to destroy the Guardian Nasan and the gate of the fortress. Before running the job you will meet Lasagna, which will give you siege weapons. Note, you will find Primula. Be sure to talk to her.
In the camp of Hasan, the player can get via a tunnel the move. In it there is an artifact called the Shield of grace and the gate. Go through them to get to training camp. It is much easier to perform this mission if you defeat the Guardian of the artifact and activate the device which it protects. Next, smash the gate, go inside and destroy the Guardian of nasana.
Before you leave Lasagna will ask you to kill those instructors that teach the draconians: the Creator of the barrier of nasana, guard, gatekeeper and Keeper of the artifacts. The guard and the Creator of the barrier you will find at the gate, and the gatekeeper to the fortress itself. Odnako should start with an artifact, other neutralize as you progress in the camp.
Please note that the destruction of the Balaur near the artifact, you in any case should not touch him. Otherwise, all the soldiers together with the Keeper off the ground and have a serious resistance. Only at the end of the battle can use the artifact, he will give you strength. As soon as you reach the gate, try to destroy them. But remember that with conventional weapons you have will not work, be sure to use the siege gun, which you got from Lasagne. Take it, aim at the gate. Thus you destroy them fast enough.
After the battle, go to the dimensional gate. After that, you return to the citadel of Primula. Immediately contact Lasagna, report on business.
Useful advice
When you storm the gates step aside to burst from the gun you missed.

Advice 2: How to get into the French Legion

French Foreign Legion is steeped in myths, legends and romantic superstitions. Know about him almost everything, but nothing concrete. Meanwhile, to qualify for the honorary title of Legionnaire almost everyone.
Legionnaires Of The French Foreign Legion
You will need
  • Travel package to France or visitor visa
  • ID
The French Foreign Legion accept almost all. Almost, because the exception is still there:
• age from 17 to 40 years

• gender: unisex
Nationality and skin color do not matter, and the conformity of physical fitness, health and psyche the requirements of the Legion can only be judged by the results of the first tests. There is absolutely no requirement and the level of knowledge of the French language.
In order to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, you need to arrive at one of the points of recruitment in France with the identity document. Outside of France to enlist impossible, therefore, to choose the point of recruitment, which has the easiest to get to. Today in France, 17 recruiting centres, each of which takes volunteers around the clock.
To get to the point of recruitment by choosing any of two options: a trip to France, or by invitation visa of any of the French friends. On any recruiting point guard exhibited, which transmits applicants on the territory of the recruitment center as soon as they announce his desire to join the Foreign Legion. Passing through the gate, all without exception, the candidates have for a long three weeks to become the object of scrutiny.
Candidates Legionaries are quite complex and multi-layered psycho-technical, medical tests, and the test of physical fitness. In addition, while volunteers test and download their public benefit, the security service of the Foreign Legion checks the personality of the candidate for Interpol databases.
Figuring out interest to the security service parts last the life of the volunteers happens in a personal conversation. In total, the verification of the candidate to meet all the requirements of the Foreign Legion lasts about three weeks. At the end of this period the winners will sign a contract for five years will be shaved bald, and in a new form sent to the Training center.
Recruits of the French Foreign Legion are provided with everything necessary to successfully serve the interests of France, receive a substantial cash payment may qualify for a lifetime pension and obtaining French citizenship. However, all these positive points, the Legionnaire will be able to evaluate later, and while waiting for the novice soldier's harsh routine.
Service in the French Foreign Legion falls under the article "Mercenary activities" of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

According to section 3 of article 359 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation of 13.06.1996 N 63-FZ "participation of a mercenary in armed conflict or hostilities shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term from three till seven years with restriction of liberty for a term up to one year or without it.A mercenary is a person who acts in order to obtain material compensation and not a citizen of a state involved in armed conflict or hostilities, does not reside permanently in its territory, and not a person directed to perform official duties"
Useful advice
The language barrier at the beginning of the recruitment can be overcome by using the phrase "Bonjour - Je suis russe, Je suis venus pour joindre La Legion Etrangere".

It is easier to get to the recruitment centre in Aubagne.

Fast primary screening of candidates is performed at the point of recruitment in Lille.

Advice 3: How to enroll in the camp

Summer holidays in children's camps. Many parents ask themselves the questions: what documents are required for registration packages, how to choose children's camp. Chose the wrong resting place of a child is unnecessary spending on a ticket and unpleasant experience. The task of parents to choose children's camp so that it became a home for the child during the stay on shift.
How to enroll in the camp
When choosing a children's camp, note the conditions of placement of the child. At the moment, the camps offer such as: luxury (accommodation for 2-3 people in the room, facilities in room, television, renovation), improved (accommodation for 4-5 people in a room, conveniences on the floor, body in the proper form), standard (accommodation for 6-7 people in the room, toilets in the buildings, outside shower). When choosing the placement talk to your child - someone wants to live 2-3 people in a room, and someone is bored in such a small company. In children's camps with well-organized leisure luxury accommodation is likely to be useless - the kids busy all day and come to room only for sleep and rest.
Once you decide the terms of the placement of your child, check out food, which offers camp. Pay attention to such things as: availability of own Baker's pastry, a variety of diet weight portions, the presence of four meals a day.
An important part of counselors and educators of children's camp. Learn how the camp administration calls the team. Great if the camp has a permanent staff, which does not change from shift to shift. In this case, you will be able to find reliable and detailed information about guides, read reviews. But while such camps are rare. Most often, the camp contracts with the students of pedagogical teams for the period of stay of children. Such groups are formed at schools of the city. They consist of enthusiastic students usually love children and their teaching vocation.
Try to find leisure activities that will offer your child. Some camps from year to year under the old program. The other change to the change for children come up with interesting games, legends and entertainment.
After choosing a children's camp that meets you and your child, you need to know where you order and pay for a ticket. In order to get the permit in sanatorium-health camp, you must contact the district doctor-pediatrician. For vouchers in country improving camp and camp of day stay should apply to the education authorities .
3-4 weeks before the start of the shift take care of the paperwork:
1. Certificate according to the form 079-U. Must be obtained from the school physician or in the office of the district pediatrician.
2. Special medical card, which draws the district doctor-pediatrician. In the map must be given information about the child's health, vaccinations, diseases.
3. Certificate of sanitary and epidemiological environment, which is issued by the authority of SES by place of residence for three days prior to departure.
4. The medical card.
5. The trip to camp, filled and sealed.
6. Photocopy of the birth certificate. At the request of the employee performing the registration at a children's camp must present the original document.
7. Photocopy of medical insurance.
3 weeks before the change of ends the recording. Don't be late with the filing of the application for registration of the permit.
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