To start hero will need to infiltrate the camp and get information about training Draconids. However, much more important to destroy the Guardian Nasan and the gate of the fortress. Before running the job you will meet Lasagna, which will give you siege weapons. Note, you will find Primula. Be sure to talk to her.
In the camp of Hasan, the player can get via a tunnel the move. In it there is an artifact called the Shield of grace and the gate. Go through them to get to training camp. It is much easier to perform this mission if you defeat the Guardian of the artifact and activate the device which it protects. Next, smash the gate, go inside and destroy the Guardian of nasana.
Before you leave Lasagna will ask you to kill those instructors that teach the draconians: the Creator of the barrier of nasana, guard, gatekeeper and Keeper of the artifacts. The guard and the Creator of the barrier you will find at the gate, and the gatekeeper to the fortress itself. Odnako should start with an artifact, other neutralize as you progress in the camp.
Please note that the destruction of the Balaur near the artifact, you in any case should not touch him. Otherwise, all the soldiers together with the Keeper off the ground and have a serious resistance. Only at the end of the battle can use the artifact, he will give you strength. As soon as you reach the gate, try to destroy them. But remember that with conventional weapons you have will not work, be sure to use the siege gun, which you got from Lasagne. Take it, aim at the gate. Thus you destroy them fast enough.
After the battle, go to the dimensional gate. After that, you return to the citadel of Primula. Immediately contact Lasagna, report on business.