System of management accounting of the organization should be based on information aggregated according to the following requirements:- the brevity and clarity of presentation, the lack of excessive detail; accuracy and reliability; efficiency, that is, it should be available by the time when you need it;- comparability in time and divisions of the company;- targeting, that is, must be reported to the responsible persons, but with strict confidentiality.
The generally accepted standard of management accounting is not. Suitable create for your company a system that would be optimal for operational decision-making.
In developing a structure for management accounting structure it into 2 main sections: the current state of resources and debt; cost accounting. The application of this method will help to establish the volume and direction of expenditure of funds and predict future needs in attracting additional funding.
Current inventory of resources and debts is a compilation of summaries and reports on the activities of the company units in each control area at equal intervals of time (daily, weekly, monthly). In summary, as a rule, every day recorded the position of things in different directions, reports record interim results for a certain period or on a specific date (the first of the month, or weeks). The summary reports comprehensively summarizes the most significant information reflecting the total real picture, for example, senior management, shareholders, banks, etc.
For the organization of accounting of resources and debts, develop forms of accounting documents, methods of filling, the frequency of compilation and the order of transfer to management and other users. Guided by an indicative list of issues that underpin management accounting: sales, purchases, receivables and payables, inventories, work in process, raw materials, manufactured products, barter transactions, movement of funds, loan portfolio, off-balance sheet liabilities, profit and loss management balance.
Cost accounting is the analysis of information about the General level of costs, profitability and unprofitability of the enterprise as a whole, individual activities, products, and services divisions. To guide him wisely and transparently, divide the costs by cost items, the frequency and other parameters. For convenience, make a reference classifier, based on the chart of accounts accounting account, or create its own model that is tailored to your business.
Automate the process of preparation and transmission of information: different developers offer software products to enable efficient accounting. Select the program that meets your requirements, from existing or prepare a technical specification for the creation of new ones.
Over time improve the system of management accounting, adjust it relative to emerging needs in the analysis and synthesis of information on economic activity of the enterprise.