In the first place and the former alcoholic, and his family must clearly understand: the process of recovery even in the most favorable case will be long and difficult. You will need patience, perseverance and steady implementation of the recommendations of a physician.
A special role in the recovery of the body is the treatment of the liver. In fact, this organ, which plays a barrier role in the abuse of alcohol, took the brunt. Well, if it is not reached, for example, to cirrhosis. It is necessary to observe a strict diet to completely abandon alcohol (in extreme cases, to reduce their consumption to a minimum and only in very rare cases, for example, at a corporate event), to take prescribed medications that help restore liver function.
Great attention should be paid to the excretion of accumulated toxins. It is necessary to consume foods rich in vitamin C and also take this vitamin in the form of capsules, tablets.
Spend more time outdoors, lead a healthy lifestyle with the dosed, but regular physical exercise. Very useful walk in the woods, work in the garden.
Well, what if we are not talking about the alcoholic, and not a drinker man who, not calculating the forces, made redundant, for example, at New year or in honor of another holiday? The next morning he experienced all the "charms" of a hangover – there is headache, nausea, weakness and trembling of the hands. How to help his body recoverSya after excessive ingestion of alcohol? Long been a proven, popular method is to drink a glass of cucumber or cabbage brine.
Good help douche. Some people use the following method: take some aspirin, drinking water with lemon juice.
Found this recipe of treatment: one egg yolk mix with lemon juice, spicy tomato sauce. Season with a little salt and pepper, add a strong alcoholic beverage (whiskey, gin, vodka), stir and drink immediately. Works quickly and efficiently.