Finding customers can be arranged in several ways. First you need to decide what your advertiser where it can be found. The most convenient and common database search is yellow pages, business directories in your city, search engines, and other podrobnyi resources. Method them good for small cities, as companies would gain relatively little.
For those who are looking for advertisers in major cities, you can try to search for target areas, or to focus only on large companies-a potentially big advertisers. There are sites that constantly publish the ratings of the largest companies in certain industries. Your task is to find the sites in their field as many of them and there are always new.
In some specific cases when you need to get feedback from a specific group of customers, located in a small town, specific area or within a trading platform, you need to contact them directly yourself. Several people, whose number depends on the size of coverage area, suitable for all entrepreneurs and offer a package of advertising services. The agreement can be concluded on the spot. If the entrepreneur no, turns out its coordinates, you can leave an offer. Sometimes the most effective way.
If the search takes you, and your employees, to increase their effectiveness, you can enter the plan found customers. It is necessary to calculate their number based on how much would be enough. If we assume that currently you already have enough advertisers, you need to consider that approximately 20-30% of clients during the year, dropping out for different reasons. So you need each month to find new. Really work months per year not 12, and 10, as January and August, you can almost not be considered. This figure, which is the percent annual loss of customers, divided by 10, and should fill each Manager during the month. Enter promotion system and reduction factor the payment, if the plan was not implemented.
Can be effective approach, in which managers are divided into two camps: some bring in new clients and deal with them first 3-5 months, the latter are all regular customers. In this case, since the first are much heavier, their percentage should be considerably higher, while the second percentage is greatly reduced. They have a large customer base, so the managers of the second group have an incentive to expand cooperation with the advertiser.
It is advisable to search advertisers handled by a special employee, and if the company is large, then several. Someone should "sit on the phone," prozvanivaya customers from the database, to clarify whether a person takes the decision, what is the approximate size of company (we need to develop the characteristics of your industry), from time to time passing on this information to those who will work directly with clients.