You will need
  • - a computer program;
  • - discount cards;
  • - discount coupons.
Develop the technical basis to create a client base. It can be usual Excel file, and a multi-level program developed to suit your personal needs. The main thing that you could store and analyze all the necessary data about customers: name, contact information, purchase history or services rendered, the nuances of service. For convenience, store the database and in printed form, in a specially structured folders.
Make sure that the client most wanted to share the information for your database. The most common way is filling out the questionnaire in exchange for a discount card. This method will allow you to record the amount spent by the visitor and frequency of visits to your company. The process of filling out the questionnaire should not take a visitor more than 1-2 minutes, so as not to make him wait and worry. Do not ask too personal of information: just the name, city of residence and method of feedback.
Use existing customers to attract new ones. Conditions must be really stimulating. For example, for each friend, the representative of your customer base gets large, lump-sum discount on the next order or purchase.
Access to the customer base of competitors or similar companies is a great way to entice buyers to their side. If we are not talking about the secret materials or illegal methods of obtaining such data, this method is justified. For example, you worked in the women's clothing store, and now going to open a beauty salon. If you have the opportunity to maintain access to the contact details of buyers, feel free to use it. So you don't damage the previous business and get the chance to gain new customers. Try also to share databases with partners, if your goals do not intersect. For example, if you organize children's parties can mutually share contact details of clients with the management of the center's early development.