To clean up your appearance, treat yourself to a day at the beauty salon. Paint and trim hair, do manicure, pedicure, hair removal. Go to the Solarium. Shape the eyebrows. If they are light - paint them with a special compound. It will help to look good even without makeup.
After professionals have worked on your appearance, it is just time to adjust the appear of imperfections. Manicure and pedicure podpravlyaya the house, cutting the cuticle as regrowth. The easiest way to do it after a bath. The skin surrounding the nails, steaming and is easily removed with a special tool. If you do not like bright varnishes, apply transparent nail Polish to give the nails Shine and prevent breaking.
Hair the situation is more complicated. If you have a complex weave, to paint the regrown roots do better in the cabin. But when the hair is tinted in a single color, corrected image can be at home. You buy the paint the desired shade. Dilute compounds in the proportions specified in the instructions. Apply first on the regrown areas (20 - 25 minutes). After this time, distribute any excess hair. Avoid strong regrowth of roots. Multi-colored hair and give a groomed appearance not only hair, but also to the whole image.
Remember how the plucked eyebrows, the beautician and what shape they gave. As soon as the hairs begin to grow, remove them with tweezers. So they will always be in order.
Beautiful skin tone persisted, visit a Solarium once a week. In the summer it can be done less frequently, and if it is possible to sunbathe in the country or near the lake, and not to go at all. Just remember that the excess of ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to the body. So to abuse the Solarium is impossible in any case.
The most important rule for maintaining a well - groomed appearance-not to postpone for tomorrow. If you notice that a manicure is not right - take as soon as nails. Appeared acne - make a mask or cleansing. Began to split hair ends - immediately to the hairdresser. Then you will look always and not just a couple of days after visiting the salon.