Sexy girl – what's she like?

First and foremost you need to understand that sexy girl is a confident person. She seeks what can not reach the housewife in robe. Yes, such a woman spends a lot of time and effort. But she knows what she wants.

Any woman can make a striking lady. This can help a few of the commandments well-groomed girls that are not so difficult. But they will change and your Outlook and opinion of the stronger sex about you. For the better, of course.

The commandments of the well-groomed girls

So, the first part – the hair. They should always be clean. You need to wash them as needed, not twice a week. If you paint them, you need to constantly support this process. The roots look very sloppy.

I would especially like to highlight the choice of hairstyle. Undoubtedly, it is a matter of taste. But it's got to fit the shape of your face.

The second part – the skin. It requires regular care: nutrition, cleansing and moisturizing. There is an interesting regularity – the more time you spend on treatments and beauticians, the less time you will have to take a makeup. All deficiencies in the skin will not grow.

About makeup a word. It needs to be appropriate. The main thing – measure. Day most suitable light makeup. Speaking about the evening, it is important to place the correct emphasis. You can highlight one thing – either the eyes or lips.

Next manicure. Men pay attention to women's hands very often. Rough skin and peeling varnish they will notice immediately. So this must be carefully monitored. And Yes, long nails naroscheny long been out of fashion. The stronger sex is more to taste the classic French manicure.

A very important point – hair removal. From time to time need to conduct this not very pleasant procedure. Even if the man assures you that he still doesn't believe him. Enhanced "shaggy" killing all the charm.

Now we will talk about clothes. Even if you have no way to update your wardrobe, remember: you need to dress up according to their age and shape. Usually the girl has a basic closet, diluting it with all sorts of accessories.

For girls a significant role plays the correct perfume. It needs to be just yours and nobody else's. And do not pour them in huge quantities – the aroma should hover around men, not to strangle him.

And perhaps most importantly – smile. The main thing here is well – maintained white teeth and sincerity. To keep our teeth bright, you need to drink less coffee, tea and red wine. And, of course, no nicotine.

Believe me, be attractive very simple. Every day give of their free time to himself – and fans will not keep you waiting. The important thing is to want it.