To start improving your skin condition. Make it very easy to drink right amount of water and green tea every day, and that is at least 7-8 cups (depending on your complexion). It is perfectly smoothes the skin, nourishes it with moisture and improves the complexion. In addition, smooth fine lines, fade acne and blackheads. And hide you will get nothing at all - what is not a reason to abandon creams, pore-clogging and heavy foundations?
If your face has marks from pimples and blackheads and other small imperfections, you should, if you have the type of skin, slightly tan. At present the sun or in the Solarium - point, the sun was Golden, smooth and natural. Be sure to use sunscreen, especially during the first sessions of sunbathing. A little touched by the sun, your face will be beautiful without makeup.
Regular exfoliation and daily moisturising will make your skin radiant and smooth, improve blood circulation and complexion.
Take care of eyebrows should be natural-width and quite thick. To make them well-groomed, bright and quite easy - simply apply on them a mixture of castor, burdock and almond oils. About few weeks you will notice results. Carefully follow the form and be sure to pluck out several hairs. To make eyebrows look docile and smooth will help drop of nourishing cream, applied immediately after brushing with a special brush.
The same applies to lashes - make it a rule every night to lubricate them with a mixture of almond oil or burdock, to which you can add a capsule of vitamin E or jojoba oil and gently comb little comb for your eyelashes. If your eyelashes are too light - use castor oil, it makes them a little darker.
Take care of lips - daily to massage them with a toothbrush with a drop of nutrient rich cream. Candied honey is a great nourishing scrub that will exfoliate dead skin particles, improves blood circulation and make lips extremely soft and smooth. Use hygienic lipstick or balm with the effect of light - they both are caring and give lips a seductive volume.