White teeth

White teeth are healthy teeth, so be sure to go to the dentist and heal tooth decay if you have it. If the bleaching course you can't afford it, try to whiten your teeth yourself. Use a good toothpaste for whitening, high quality brush and patience. For months possibly brush your teeth after meals and limit your intake of tea and coffee. If this option you not suitable, buy whitening gel, which is applied on the teeth for some time.

Smooth skin

To achieve smooth skin, I have to try. First, pay attention to your diet and remove it from sodas, processed foods, sweets and fast food. Give preference to boiled meats, fresh juices, cereals and vegetables.
Twice a week, do exfoliate and apply face mask. Always before going to sleep remove the makeup and use a nourishing cream. In the morning wipe the face with ice cubes and apply moisturizer.

Gorgeous hair

Great hair is clean and healthy. And, of course, you need a good haircut. Pick a shampoo that suits your hair type. Always after shampooing, apply conditioner or balm. Once a week, use a treatment mask.
Ensure your coloured hair appeared root touch-up and paint them in time. Once a month to cut the split ends.

Manicured nails

Well-groomed nails does not have to be long. It is better to select a manicure with nails at a medium length with rounded tips. Every night RUB into the cuticle moisturizing oil. Once a week, use a nutritious mask for hands. For starters, treat hand scrub, then apply a nourishing cream fat layer and put on gloves made of cotton. After 10-15 minutes, remove gloves, and extra cream remove excess cream with a tissue.

Excellent strengthen nails baths with sea salt, which is recommended to do 2 times a week. And, of course, a gorgeous woman will never be released in people with shabby varnish on the nails.

Slim figure

Good friends slender figure proper nutrition and sports. Join a gym, visit the pool, start running. Choose what sport you like and join them. Food should be easy, after 6 hours to eat is not recommended. Once a week arrange for your body fasting day.

By following these simple rules, after a month you will catch yourself admiring glances of men and envious women.