Get the router you need model, do you wish he would wireless interface Wi-Fi (which is useful for connecting laptops) or not. However, you can buy with your normal routerω and a separate Wi-Fi module (USB module or PCI card). If you don't need that, you may be quite normal routerand multiple LAN ports.
Look at routere WAN port and connect it to the cable that connects to the Internet. Connect one of the computers and the router to the mains.
Set the access point in the routerE. in the browser Enter IP address router (for example, enter the factory default username and password. And default username, and password will be the word "admin" (do not forget then to change them). Logging in to install the routerand set the recommended ISP settings, with the note:— data transfer type must match the one used by your service provider;— the password to access the routerfrom after the replacement must be complex enough;— IP address of the computer should be different from the IP addresses of a routera;— installation of static and dynamic IP addresses on the router should be agreed with the provider and comply with the manufacturer's recommendations.
Restart the router after settings. Check whether the connected computer access to the Internet. Connect to the routerfrom a second computer using a different IP address, and writing the route on a router. Please note: the mask must be the same.
If the routerhas a wireless interface Wi-Fi or you have purchased a separate adapter (which you will need to pre-install the drivers and software), you can connect two computer between them and thus.
Check whether the module is active Wi-Fi on the second computer. If not, then right-click on its icon in the taskbar and select "Connect". Check whether the Internet connection on the second computer.