You will need
  • Wi-Fi router
To create a wireless network we need to configure the router on a separate Internet connection. Connect the communication cable through which we can go online, plug in a special Wi-Fi router.
Cable supplied, the other connector is connected to the input of the network cards installed on the motherboard of the computer. Thus, we get the scheme of the serial connection, which roughly can be described as follows: Internet – router – computer.
Turn on the computer, open any installed web browser and in the address bar enter the IP address of the router. Most often, it is, although there may be other options. What's the address of our router, as well as a couple "login-password" to access the settings - learn from the instruction manual.
Once on the settings page, find the tab "Wireless network". The basic settings are network mode, authentication method (most commonly used WPA) and WPA access key. We set the desired values and enter the access key – it will be the password to connect to our Wi-Fi network other Wi-Fi devices. Also the input line identification (SSID). It will be displayed as the name of our wireless network when it is visible to other devices.
Go to the tab "Internet connection" or "WAN". Enter the login name and password to access the Internet and configure the connection type (PPTP, L2TP, or other) and the corresponding IP address. Network info is better to learn in advance from the Internet service provider.
Confirm all settings by pressing "OK" or "Apply" and restart your router.
To verify that the wireless network try to connect to it via laptop or PDA/smartphone. Using search find our network name SSID. When you connect the device will prompt for a passkey. Enter the appropriate WPA key. Wireless home network installed!