You will need
  • network cable, USB network adapter.
Usually two of the computer or laptop combine with each other to create a shared connection to the Internet. Let's look at cable connection laptops. Connect them to the network adapters together.
Of course, for this you will need a network cable. The obvious disadvantage of such a method two. First, it lost the mobility of both devices, and secondly, the bulk of laptops have only one network card. Purchase a network adapter with a USB connector.
Connect it to one of the laptops. Install the drivers for this device. Connect it with Internet cable. Set up a new connection to the Internet. Open the properties for this connection and select the tab "Access".
To allow other computers on your local network to use the Internet connection of the laptop. Open the settings of the first network adapter and set it to a fixed IP address of
Go to the network settings to the second laptop. In the properties of TCP/IP Protocol complete the first, third, and fourth fields of the following values:
In the case of the establishment of the wireless connection of notebooks all of the above settings will be identical. But you need to create the connection. Open the control center networks and common access to the first laptop.
Go to "Manage wireless networks". Locate the "Add" button and click it. Create a new connection "computer-computer". To do this, specify the name and password to access the network and the security type.
Turn on the wireless adapter in the second laptop. Run a search for available networks. Connect to your local network. Guide configure wireless adapters on both devices, as described in the fourth and fifth steps.