The correct fit and position of ruudusta and well-being of a man, working at a computer, depends on whether he is sitting. The chair should have a backrest that supports the spine. Feet stay on the floor so that the feet were parallel to him. To hand when the print was not tired, the keyboard should be at the level of the elbow, as well as the mouse.
The wrist should not deviate up, down or sideways. It is desirable that the keyboard was a palm rest. It is recommended to print on ergonomic keyboards. One of proven options is Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000.
When typing relax your fingers after the key is pressed: voltage provokes fatigue and muscle spasticity. Relax your brush and working with a mouse: try to move not only the wrist but the whole arm. To exercise the muscles of hands and prevention of tunnel syndrome use the Power Ball exerciser. A useful additional activity: playing the piano, guitar, badminton, tennis.
Choice raskladkina hours skill speed printing, it is important to choose a constant layout on the keyboard. One of the most popular are Russian-speaking "Russian standard" (Jonesy what – ALG) and "Russian typing". In a second embodiment for a set of punctuation marks do not need to press shift and the period and comma have the strongest fingers (the index). By default, the operating system offers "the Russian standard" layout.
Solo klaviatuuripaigutus hundred exercises of the course "Solo on the keyboard". The author of this program – a psychologist and journalist, teacher of journalism faculty of Moscow state University Vladimir Vladimirovich shakhidjanyan. This program will not only allow you to learn blind touch type method, but to better understand yourself and your life. Typing tutor combined with personal training. "Solo on the keyboard" can be installed on the computer and can be played on the website He advises, engage in the paid licensed version, because with this approach, the effectiveness of training will be higher.
All life – igracaka you will surely possess a blind set, you can proceed to build up speed. The website offers to combine exercise with a fun game. Here you can print the texts in different modes (normal, error-free, Jogging, etc.), collecting the points. Regular competitions ("x") and events ("the Great race", "Hexacon", "Formula 1" "Formula 2", "Grand Prix", "League of Freaks" and many others). Competitive races can be organized yourself, but it is worth a certain number of points.