The main criterion for determining a suitable diapers – baby weight. On the packages of diapers American, European or Japanese manufacturers of sizes can be represented in different ways, but a common reference point in any case is the body weight of the baby. The most common are the following types of marking range of weight:2-5 kg: 1 - Newborn; 3-6 kg: 2 - S - Small - Mini;4-9 kg: 3 - SM - Small/Medium - Midi;7-18 kg: 4 - M - Medium - Maxi; 9-20 kg: 5 - ML Medium/Large size - Maxi Plus; 12-25 kg: 6 - L - Large - Junior; 16+ kg: 7 - XL - Extra Large.
The table shows that the size ofs overlap: for example, a child who weighs 8 kg, can be worn as a diaper Midi, and Maxi. In such cases, locate the middle of the range specified on the pack, and compare it with the weight of your baby: if the latter is higher, feel free to buy the next size.
With the same weight, children may have different growth, the amount of tummy and thick legs, so you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the child. For convenience, use the mapping table sizeand the diaper to the girth of abdomen and hips:the Size of the Stomach БедроNewborn 30-44 cm 10-24 CMS 34-48 cm 12-29 SMM 36-54 cm смL 14-32 17-35 cm 38-56 cm
It is important to consider the absorbency of the diaper. If the baby drinks plenty of fluids and, accordingly, often urinates, the diaper suitable weight, may occur due to fast filling. In this case, choose a size bigger.
However, do not buy diapers "in mind": they have close-fitting legs and tummy of the baby, to keep out moisture, but not any diapers with this task can not cope.
Watch the reaction of the baby's skin: if there are traces of gum or fading, it's time to move to a larger size diaper. The same should be done if the Velcro or zipper are fixed in extreme position. A sure sign that the diaper is small, is peeking above the belt the navel of the baby.
In addition, when the baby begins to actively move, to crawl, to sit, walk, change regular diapers Velcro on disposable diapers to create the greatest comfort a child.