Advice 1: How to determine the size of the diaper

Disposable diapers, which is popularly often called "diapers", is firmly entrenched in the market of hygiene products for kids. Most moms use them from birth to potty training. To ensure your child's maximum comfort and convenience, you need to choose the right size diaper.
How to determine the size of the diaper
The main criterion for determining a suitable diapers – baby weight. On the packages of diapers American, European or Japanese manufacturers of sizes can be represented in different ways, but a common reference point in any case is the body weight of the baby. The most common are the following types of marking range of weight:2-5 kg: 1 - Newborn; 3-6 kg: 2 - S - Small - Mini;4-9 kg: 3 - SM - Small/Medium - Midi;7-18 kg: 4 - M - Medium - Maxi; 9-20 kg: 5 - ML Medium/Large size - Maxi Plus; 12-25 kg: 6 - L - Large - Junior; 16+ kg: 7 - XL - Extra Large.
The table shows that the size ofs overlap: for example, a child who weighs 8 kg, can be worn as a diaper Midi, and Maxi. In such cases, locate the middle of the range specified on the pack, and compare it with the weight of your baby: if the latter is higher, feel free to buy the next size.
With the same weight, children may have different growth, the amount of tummy and thick legs, so you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the child. For convenience, use the mapping table sizeand the diaper to the girth of abdomen and hips:the Size of the Stomach БедроNewborn 30-44 cm 10-24 CMS 34-48 cm 12-29 SMM 36-54 cm смL 14-32 17-35 cm 38-56 cm
It is important to consider the absorbency of the diaper. If the baby drinks plenty of fluids and, accordingly, often urinates, the diaper suitable weight, may occur due to fast filling. In this case, choose a size bigger.
However, do not buy diapers "in mind": they have close-fitting legs and tummy of the baby, to keep out moisture, but not any diapers with this task can not cope.
Watch the reaction of the baby's skin: if there are traces of gum or fading, it's time to move to a larger size diaper. The same should be done if the Velcro or zipper are fixed in extreme position. A sure sign that the diaper is small, is peeking above the belt the navel of the baby.
In addition, when the baby begins to actively move, to crawl, to sit, walk, change regular diapers Velcro on disposable diapers to create the greatest comfort a child.

Advice 2 : How to put on a diaper boy

Modern scientists are developing a lot of various accessories that make life easier for citizens. They have not forgotten about the young mom. A very convenient and hygienic means to care for the baby - disposable diaper. Gauze reusable prototype, and not yet losing ground, but is becoming less popular. To date, the young mother has a choice of which diaper to buy. They differ not only by weight and age group but also by gender. Much need to know a young mother whose son was born. How to put on a diaper boy is one of the most frequently asked questions.
How to put on a diaper boy
You will need
  • changing table;
  • baby cream;
  • diaper;
Put on the changing table linen, it is needed to make the child comfortable and the table is not stained when applying the cream. Put the diaper. Ensure that the diaper was a picture on the front.
Expand the diaper, spread it on the table. You need to prepare the diaper to the baby was easy to put.
Put the baby on the table, ass in the diaper. Keep the diapers never crumpled, spread it under the back of the baby. In case you don't check, the baby can become uncomfortable and he will continue to act up.
Apply on the genitals and ass baby barrier cream. Promazyvaya protective cream all wrinkles, it will help to avoid rashes on the body of the child, respectively, and the comfort of the crumbs depends on the level of protection his skin.
Put the front of the diaper the baby on his tummy and fold the Velcro. Ensure that the clasp does not hurt and is not rubbed baby skin. Despite the fact that the baby moves all the time and stopping to do the right thing, try to slowly, systematically perform all the actions.
Spread protective wings of the diaperand that the kid did not stop moving. Each diaper has a special cuff and wings spread which eliminates the possibility of rubbing of the skin of the baby.
Diapers should be changed as fullness, however, regardless of full or no diaper, let's take a break baby from him every two to three hours.
With age, try to minimize the residence time of the crumbs in the diaper.
Remember, regardless of whether the boy or girl grows at home, the less the baby wears the diaper, the healthier his skin and genitals.
Useful advice
Use a diaper just the right size. If not you can pick, contact your paediatrician or the consultant in the store.
Buy diapers in a pharmacy, here not sell old and low-quality goods.
Wearing a diaper, being careful not to fasten it too tight or too loose.

Advice 3 : Harmful diapers for boys?

After the light came disposable diapers, the lives of parents much easier. The number of sliders and dirty diapers has decreased, there is more time to communicate with your baby. However, the notion that diapers are very harmful to the boys. Is it really so?
Harmful diapers for boys?

The use of diapers

About the use of diapers is known to all. In addition to the lack of diapers that need to be constantly washed, the diapers can easily walk with the baby on the street, not worrying that because wet in the cold season of the jumpsuit he will catch a cold.

Myths about the dangers of diapers

The skin does not breathe. Some people believe that diapers do not give the child the skin to breathe. In fact, this is not so. Modern manufacturers of quality products in the first place, focus on the fact that their diapers are designed so that the air penetrated to the skin of the child. Good diapers should always be a special sheath, permeated with millions of microscopic pores passing air. These same pores output pair from the feces and make the inner surface of the diaper dry.

In diapers legs are crooked. Many have probably heard that diapers can bend the legs. To believe this is not necessary, as the rumors – a simple invention, common followers of the cradle.

Diapers lead to impotence and infertility. This myth States that a permanent stay of a boy in diapers violates his kidney function. Over the older men conducted a study in which it was proven that a significant increase in temperature of the scrotum leads to reduced activity of sperm. At the same time, there are several facts which prove that the diapers do not.

How to use diapers

It can be concluded that the diapers do not harm the kids, but provided that the parents adhere to a few simple rules:

- diapers must meet the weight and sex of the child;
- you need to buy them only in specialty stores or pharmacies;
- just check the expiration date and package integrity;
replacement of diapers should be done not less than 3-4 hours;
- after removing the diaper, baby's skin should wash, wipe and spread with cream or powder;
- during the day a child needs several hours to walk without diapers;
- if the baby's temperature rose above 38оС, diaper it is necessary to remove.

If you purchased a new brand of diapers before use, check the reaction of the baby on them. And do not overuse this type of product, then to not have any problems with the teach toddler to potty. Follow all the rules, and the childhood your child will be absolutely happy.
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