To choose your baby the best diapers, find out their composition. Classic diaper has at least three layers: an outer, freely permeable to moisture; the medium in which the liquid is delayed due to part of the cellulose; the internal consisting of a moisture resistant material that prevents leaks.

Choose for a baby are diapers, so they exactly fit. Then, empty the diaper will not leak fluid. Keep on legs not imprinted traces of gum, there would be no scuffs. If the child will spend some time in an uncomfortable diaper, the whole family will find a few sleepless nights – the kid will not behave quietly, having caught the irritation of the skin. If you noticed red marks on the legs, change the diaper to a larger size.

Check to see if the rash and diaper rash on the baby's skin. The appearance of redness in most cases – a sign of allergic reactions. Sometimes it can occur because of wearing diapers that contain impregnation, for example, aloe Vera. Can occur redness and due to the fact that the child often enough to change a diaper.

Determine which diapers are best suited to your child. In shops you can buy samples of different brands of diapers If the baby feels good, not worried by the fact that the diaper rubbing or pressure, if the skin after wearing the product clean, free of diaper rash and rash, is not observed allergic reactions, you can safely use this brand further.

Choose these diapers, so they do not cause rashes, diaper rash, allergic reactions. At any sign of redness, poor health of the baby in the event of a change of diapers of one brand to another should be refused.

In some kinds of diapers used synthetic gel-forming material is cellulose. He has a high ability to absorb moisture and hold it inside. Gel can absorb such amount of fluid that exceeds the volume of the material about 50 times. This diaper can be used longer – its structure prevents irritation on baby's skin, because the contact with urine is absent. Studies have confirmed that wearing diapers reduces the risk of nappy rash about 30 times.