You will need
  • - shovel or fork;
  • - rake;
  • - phosphate fertilizers.
Autumn digging should be carried out before the earth will be exposed to the first frost. In the course of it in the ground added phosphate fertilizers, which all winter will feed the soil.
Another feature of the digging of the vegetable garden in autumn is the preservation formed in the process of clods and layers. Because of this the land will freeze weed seeds and pests, and the soil will be easier to breathe. By spring, these clumps will crumble by themselves.
Prepare the area to be processed. Get all the big tree branches and stones so that they are not disturbed during digging.
The garden should dig furrows. Insert the shovel perpendicular to the surface of the soil, deepen the pressure of its feet on the whole length of the bayonet spade, and then pull with the earth. Raised ground cast front furrow. And so each time. The last furrow must close the land remaining after digging very first.
Perekapyvayut the garden in small patches rather than attempting to handle it in one day. Otherwise, you can earn corn and overwork, and the garden will be dug up not so thoroughly.
Not having to dig the ground in autumn, it can be done in the spring. Only in this case will be a missed opportunity of its fertilizer, and the process of soil treatment is more time-consuming.
Spring digging should be carried out after the ground dries out slightly and stops sticking to the soles of shoes. But better to do it as early as possible before planting crops (2-3 weeks) so the soil has time to settle and recover. Scopas garden, be sure to thoroughly crush and flatten all the lumps of earth.