There are several ways to speed up the process of digging the plot, among them as the increase in technology sopivuudesta and modernization tool.

Methods of digging

If you do not wish to upgrade your instrument or that you simply uneconomical because of the small size of your site, then the best choice would be to use some simple methods that will help you to dig up the garden quickly and efficiently.

Difficult given the digging of virgin soil, implying the removal of a layer of turf, the unraveling the roots of grass and other things. In this case, after each movement of the shovel you have to put it aside, drop to your knees and hard to choose the grass of podyakovo piece of land. The solution may get preliminary weeding of the site, i.e. rough, rough pass with a hoe (hoe) in order to pull out of the ground the larger weeds and loosen the soil, specifically the top layer of sod. Then you need to use a rake and collect all weed grass.

If you approached the matter responsibly, it is done after the operation you will only need to dig up released from the grass land, ignoring the remnants of the weeds. Since now you won't have to constantly bend over, it will go much faster. It is noteworthy that despite the fact that instead of one transaction you perform three, the work goes much faster. The division of labour is a great thing!

Upgrading garden tools

Some craftsmen among gardeners improve their instrument by changing the shape of the blade of the shovel, sharpening the edges, it's easy to cut a tenacious plant roots. Some artists provide a special shovel with teeth and hooks in order to pull long and making the roots of the plants without having to bend down.

In addition, commercially available special tools are hybrids, combining and spade, and the harrow and the rake, is that not the grinder. However, such systems have one common drawback - they dug up perfectly clean, free from weeds, but is powerless against a virgin, what a manufacturer honestly and says.


And finally, the third, the most radical method of pereopisanie of land - use walking tractor (cultivator). Strictly speaking, tillers and cultivator - a few different machines, but their results do not differ too much. The cultivator is a machine of a petrol engine, a kind of small tractor, equipped with teeth mounted on the axis of the wheels, as well as providing the ability to install additional modules and nozzles.

This method of digging is optimal from the standpoint of time and labor costs, however, among the disadvantages of this method could be considered, first, the considerable cost of buying or renting tillers, as well as some "clumsiness" of work - skipaway and carefully choosing every blade of grass, man will work better. But is it worth it? You decide.