Food intolerance which is an Allergy to food, found in almost every child. The reasons are many: heredity, poor immunity, violation of terms of introduction of complementary foods. It is therefore necessary to observe the rules of introducing new foods into your baby's diet.
A new food it is better to offer in the morning so during the day to see the reaction of the child. It is desirable that the intervals between the introduction of different types of feeding was at least 3-4 days. At this time you need to monitor closely the chair and skin of the baby. If you notice any changes, you must remove this product for some time. The gradual introduction of complementary foods can easily help to identify a particular product causing the Allergy.
Unfortunately, sometimes the Allergy is not detected immediately. Sometimes the reaction occurs after a while, a week or even a month. In this case, parents must be excluded from the diet of one product after the other, observing the condition of the child. In such a situation, to detect the allergen is much more difficult, because accumulate in the body, it is not displayed for a short time.
To identify the products to which at the child the Allergy, of course, difficult, but quite possible for the parents. But to determine allergies to house dust, pollen, animal fur itself is almost impossible. For this purpose there are special Allergy tests. In young children , they take on the analysis blood from a vein. While doing it, when there is no acute reaction to the allergen, otherwise the result may be false.
Older children Allergy tests, conduct the following skin test. On the area of the forearm is applied to various allergens in the form of drops. And then make a small scratch and observe the reaction. Usually this procedure takes 20-30 minutes.