You will need
  • In order to cancel the payment of alimony required:
  • - documents proving that circumstances have changed;
  • witnesses;
  • - a statement.
Determine the reasons for which you can apply to the court for reconsideration and cancellation of alimony. In the case when the child has changed residence from one parent who had child supportto which they were paid, it is possible to solve the question of the abolition of the child support calculation. The same should be done if a mother with a child left in an unknown direction from them for several years with no news. In addition to cancel the penalty on payment of child support can that parent developed a serious illness requiring long-term treatment and significant material costs.
Follow the steps below. Since usually the purpose of financial compensation from one parent to the other is established through the court, and in reverse to untwist the case of the abolition of alimony should be exactly the same. This means, to apply and prove that the other parent takes your child support in vain. As, for example, a child for whom you pay child support, has long been living with you.
Make a statement on the basis of article 394 of the Civil procedure code to new circumstances. It is necessary to specify the reasons for which the Respondent asks to cancel the previous decision of the court, supported by testimony and, if any, materials. To submit such a statement to the court that issued the decision on the first case. Deadline for submission is 3 months from the time when the defendant learned about these new circumstances. So, if the child moved to live with her father mother in permanent residence, the father shall have the right within 3 months from the day of the move the child up to him to apply to the court for retrial.
How to cancel <strong>child support</strong>
Ensure that on the basis of the data obtained, the court again considered all the circumstances of the case and rendered a new decision. If your evidence and arguments are persuasive, it is likely that the court will meet you and you have to cancel the claim about collecting of the alimony.