Psychologists distinguish 4 types of temperament, which is inborn feature of a person and depends on the functioning of the nervous system. Representatives of each of them differ in the speed or slowness of mental and physical reactions, the way of expressing emotions and needs in communicating with others. To change these qualities is difficult, so it is desirable to choose a profession that fits the type of temperament and does not require daily efforts to overcome himself.


Choleric gambling, not afraid of difficulties and risks, prefer active way of life. They are energetic but can overestimate their abilities. Their emotions do not hide communication are open, their impulsivity may manifest itself in an aggressive manner.

These people need constant communication, they usually have a lot of acquaintances and friends, but relationships with them are superficial, these friends are few. Choleric easily become the soul of the company. Their speech temperament and expressive, accompanied by facial expressions and gestures.

Monotonous activities choleric is not suitable, they are constantly striving towards new horizons, to sit long in one place they are difficult. Decisions are made quickly, but may regret the ill-conceived step and change his mind.

Suitable professions

The communication skills of the choleric will be demanded in those areas where you need to spend much time on communication, it is important the ability to establish contacts with people and interact with them. Periodic change of scenery they prefer monotonous work. They make good leaders, generating new ideas and promoting them. Periodic stress they are easily transferred.

Among successful entrepreneurs a lot of choleric. Suitable for them are all the professions associated with the need for daily communication with a wide range of people. Reporter and broadcaster, salesman and advertising agent, designer and guide – they will not allow an active hot-headed bored. Suitable profession – Builder, Manager, investigator, geologist, diplomat and artist.

For this type of temperament are more suitable profession with a flexible schedule or participation in various projects, where its performance is evaluated on results achieved and not the number of hours spent in the office. Enthusiastically perform one task, he is happy to take up a new interesting case.

More chances to make a career and to engage in this favorite thing in choleric in any professions that require a lot to communicate with people. Performing repetitive work with machinery, documents that require perseverance and attention will be given to work. The need to restrain his active temperament and energy will lead to fatigue.