You will need
  • - vegetables, fruit, juices;
  • - lemon;
  • - tea with raspberry;
  • - mustard;
  • - alcohol;
  • the teapot or coffee pot;
  • soda;
  • - essential oils of coniferous trees;
  • - herbal teas;
  • - Echinacea tincture;
  • - vitamins.
If the doctor prescribed you meds, but cold is in no hurry to retreat, recovery can be accelerated. During the disease watch your diet. The belief that during the disease should push yourself as much as possible food is a myth, and harmful. On the contrary, better reduce your diet, because the body is weakened and not able to digest large amount of food. Ask your loved ones, so they tried to cheer you up with candies and other similar treats. It is better to say that you brought fresh vegetables, fruit, juices. It will be useful, there are lemons, of course, if you have no problems with the stomach.
Drink as much liquid as possible. The notorious tea with raspberry is a great cure. Please remember that beverages should be consumed not hot, but warm, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect.
To cope with the cold will help warm up. Take a hot bath, pour into a basin of water and poparte feet. Then be sure to go to bed, cover with a warm blanket and not get up until morning. Also the legs can be rubbed with alcohol or pour mustard in your socks and wear them. To bed it is desirable to put a hot water bottle.
If you do not pass the throat, try to make the inhalation themselves. To do this, pour into a teapot or coffee pot of baking soda and add the essential little pine or fir. The resulting mixture should pour boiling water. Conveniently sit in front of the kettle and inhale the steam mouth through his nose, releasing it through his own. Help recover faster and easy ignition burner with pine essential oils.
Your immune system is weakened, so it would be nice to support it. Buy vitamins and, don't forget to take them. Helps to strengthen the immune system and Echinacea tincture, and various herbal preparations. If you drink them every day, you don't leave the disease a chance.