A place of rest depends on your age and personal preferences. If you like active pastime for you, the doors are open karting club "Highway". Karting is riding on small fast cars on a specially equipped and enclosed track. The company is constantly conducting promotions, events and contests. For example, every Thursday you can participate in the mass race. The club is open daily. It is located on the Boulevard Ryabikova,96. To obtain more information or to book a check-in by phone 8 (3952) 91-96-91.If you're going to rest a big company, you can look in one of the bowling centers in the city of Irkutsk. For example, in the sports and entertainment center "7 Mile" you will be able to reserve a bowling lane and bowling anytime. The center is near the airport by Shiryamova street,19b. In the club "Strike", located to the address: street of Ulan-Bator, 4, you have the opportunity in addition to the bowling alley to relax in a cafe and even a disco. If you want to play Billiards or air hockey, you can realize their desire without leaving the club. For lovers of active recreation opened the doors of various paintball clubs. For example, the club "База38 located at the address: Lermontov street, 261а. To play you must call and order field, you can do this by phone 8 (3952) 74-74-96. You also have the opportunity to play laser tag is a so – called laser paintball. The game takes place in a maze. There are more than a dozen scenarios, for example, if you wish to spend an active holiday with your beloved, you can order the battle for lovers. The club is located at the address: street of 5 Armies, 29. If you prefer a more cultural holiday, can visit one of the theatres of the city of Irkutsk. State musical theater named zagurskiy offers you to get acquainted with the performances put the stories of famous people, for example, you have the opportunity to see a ballet extravaganza "the Nutcracker". The theater is located at the address: street Sedova, 29.In the academic drama theatre. It is located at the address: Karl marks street, 14. This theater is played by honored artists of Russia and workers of culture. Here you can see performances of world classics and contemporary drama.The exhibition visitors can enjoy art galleries. On Karl Marx street, 38 is a House painter. Here are exhibited paintings of famous people of the city. The gallery is open daily from 11 am to 18 PM, except Sunday and Monday. You can also visit the Irkutsk regional art Museum named after V. N. Sukachev. In addition to the huge art gallery you will get acquainted with works of painting, sculpture and decorative arts. The Museum is located at the address: street Lenin, 5. In Irkutsk there are several cinemas where you can see the latest film. For example, "Barguzin", located to the address: street Baikal,107, offers its visitors to spend time watching the latest innovations in the industry. You can also play slot machines or sit in the comfortable cafeteria. If you want to spend time with your child, visit the nerpinary. Here you will see a representation of the trained Baikal seals, take photos with them and buy Souvenirs from Baikal. Aquarium of the seal located at the address: street 2-I Railway, 66.