An important place in the social policy of local authorities devoted to the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle. In addition to the many, very good on equipment, stadiums, in Irkutsk in 2013 opened the first ski biathlon. Teenagers interested not only to cover the distance and conquer the firing line, but also to see how to prepare for the competitions of professional athletes.
Adults and children will be interesting to ride the first ecological train: the station Irkutsk-Passenger — Sludyanka — port Baikal. The beauty of the local nature, slowness of movement – the perfect family holiday.
Expeditionary force Baikal (Listvyanka, Kuznetsova, 17), - Showroom "bars" (Barricades, 24A/3), as well as tourist company "Stalker" (CR, 59) invite everyone in the motocross. Here you can rent snowmobiles and ATVs. Moms with kids can wait adventure in the many cafes or to walk around the neighborhood. Before the New year, these bases are invariably decorated with garlands and lighting designs.
The mischievous and restless will appreciate the many entertainment centers in Irkutsk. Teens will enjoy the famous city club "the Shark", where you can play bowling while the parents drink excellent coffee at the bistro.
Kids will be engaged in professional animation team in the club Antoshka: costumed performances, games and contests for different age categories, the sea of balloons and face painting for everyone.
Game theme Park "treasure Island" will become an active Playground for children older than 6 years. There are many attractions, quests, animators quarterly introduce a new scenario of the game, so guys never cease to be amazed a new adventure. And the kids love to carry mined treasures or artifacts.
Younger computer geniuses for a couple of hours to write in the computer club "Leader" in Kiev or the "best" on the Boulevard Ryabikova.
For those who prefer the leisure of the aesthetes, you can go to the regional puppet theatre "Aistenok". Artists tour a lot, but the theatrical season opens every year with new productions, not rare on stage and invited company. Your child will be remembered by the doll theatre, which differ in brightness and variety, in the foyer some of them can even touch and try to direct them, and therefore do not expect to quickly leave the theater after the show.
Very popular with the youth theatre "Bravo!". This is a creative workshop of young artists, which offer the viewer their non-trivial reading of many works, as well as performances of modernity.
In summer and autumn it is good to walk with children through the Botanical gardens, which is located at Irkutsk University. Adults will be amazed by the collection of relict plants that save in these places is very difficult. Children will enjoy to play outdoors. Visit and zoogalereya on the Baikal or the greenhouse, "tropic", where often there come exhibitions of monkeys, birds and rare butterflies.