Subject to availability, check the questionable bill with a special device. To do this, place it under the UV lamp. In addition to watermarking you should see small colored fibers, which are located on the entire area of the bill.
Look on the left side is perforated. With it on paper to make a drawing of the small holes, denoting the denomination of the bill.
Check the metallic thread. It should permeate across the bill with the groans of the left or right edge, depending on the denomination of the bill. If under normal conditions the thread will look like a small rectangle, to the light it should be a solid tape.
Examine the characteristics of the paint on the bill. On the notes in denominations of five hundred rubles and more paint with the change of colors of separate elements, for example, the emblem of the city. Change the color maybe a special shaded strip, which is on the money of all denominations. On it when changing the angle of inclination should also appear in the colored lines.
Look on the banknote watermark. They must include the face value of your banknotes, as well as part of the main image visible on the paper.
Keep in mind that the above recommendations refer only to modern Russian banknotes of the sample. Euros or dollars contain additional degree of protection and shall be tested in accordance with EN standards.