Feel the paper, to the touch it should be rough and velvety. Dollars are printed on special paper, consisting mainly of cotton and linen. Moreover, in real dollarAh there are special colored blotches, lint (1) located in different areas of the banknote. The serial number on the banknotes of the old model starts with the same letter, which is available on the seal of the Federal reserve Bank (from "A" to "L"), and on the banknotes of the new sample in the print inscribed eagle (2).
When tilted, the front side of the banknote, you can see how the green numbers in the lower right corner becomes black, and then back to green (3).The background of the portrait and the buildings on the reverse side of the banknote consists of very fine lines. These lines should be clear and smooth (4).Inside the numbers in the left corner several rows of printed microtext "USA 100" (5).If you look at the bill up to the light to the right of the portrait you should see a watermark – another portrait (6).To the left of the portrait is visible as a thin vertical strip placed inside of the banknote. In UV light it glows red (7).
Banknotes are printed on very thin paper with volume elements (1).When turning the banknote numbers with dignity and change their colour from purple to olive or brown, while the back side is visible an iridescent luster mother of pearl strip (2).Also, when turning, changing images on hologram stamp (3).To the light you can see the watermark (4) and a protective strip, showing the denomination of the banknote and the Euro symbol (5). These elements must be viewed both front and back.
To the touch should be felt in relief the text "the Ticket of Bank of Russia" (1) and labels for people with impaired vision (2).When you tilt the bill color of the emblem is changed from crimson to Golden-green (3).In the paper randomly arranged colored fibers that glow in UV light. The two-colored security fibers look purple, but when viewed through a magnifying glass they observed the alternation of the red and blue parts (4).The paper introduced a metallic plastic strip that looks brilliant with a dotted line (5).To the light a watermark: denomination numeral (6) and a portrait of Yaroslav the Wise (7).You can see that naminal bills generated by the micro, which looks bright points (8). When you tilt the banknote on the field (9) there are multicolor stripes. If you place the note under acute, on the ribbon, you can see the bright letter "PP" on a dark background (10). If a bill be rotated 90°, the image becomes dark letters on a light background.