You will need
  • Magnifier
The question "how to check the dollars" is highly relevant today, as when making many of the deals the calculation is made in that currency. Of course, it is best to use a detector of banknotes, if possible. You can learn to distinguish real dollars, knowing some of the signs of authenticity of banknotes. First, make sure that you're bill is current denomination: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or $ 100.
Remember that bills of all denominations have the same dimensions 66,6х156,4 mm.
Note on paper. Dollars are printed on special paper, consisting mainly cotton and linen. This paper is flexible, strong and rough, and resembles a matter on touch.
The picture on real U.S. money does not tarnish and does not fade when contact with the liquid, because their printing is used high quality paint. If you strongly RUB the bill, the paint should stay intact, otherwise - before you fake dollars. If you look at the note at different angles, the color numbers (the denomination) in the lower right corner will change from green to black.
Try to remember what the presidents depicted on the bills of different denominations. Scammers often "increase the value" bill, Podrezova zeros. Knowledge of the appearance of American money can not just help you out. Next to a portrait should depict a watermark (copy of the portrait), which is visible on a gleam from both parties of banknotes.
Look carefully at the portrait, or rather, the quality of the image. Portraits are very difficult to forge. Make sure that the small details (hair, eyes) well drawn, no blemishes or distortion.
From fakes real dollars feature colored fibers - magnetic inclusions in different areas of the banknote. They need to be to pass through the bill, and not to be drawn on its surface. Sometimes, however, the presence of fibers simulates very sophisticated ways, so to distinguish a genuine banknote from a very difficult. When checking UV silk fiber glow.
Take a look at the serial number of letters and figures: they should be uniform in size, smooth and clear, have the correct color.
Don't forget to check the reverse side of the dollar. It should be bright green and the image is sharp and without defects.
Frame of the mesh pattern shall be continuous, clearly defined and uniform throughout its length.
Pay attention to additional characteristics. Make sure that the seal of the Treasury has a rich color, clear reproduction of individual elements, and its teeth are uniform. If you have the opportunity to use a magnifying glass, make sure that the bill is present microprinting the words "The United States of America", shown on the lapel of his coat the President. Also in the portrait should be a small inscription "USA" and the numeral, depending on the denomination. For example, for one hundred dollars it will be "USA 100".