Serve a statement of claim a statement to the world court at the place of registration of the defendant. Following the rules, you can compose the document.
Make a claim statement in writing can be handwritten on A4 paper. In the upper right corner, specify the name of the court. Address the statement of the court, who will hear your case. Specify information about the plaintiff, that is, about yourself - your name, surname, patronymic, address of residence (registration). Below, specify the same data of the Respondent. After the "caps" write the word "statement".
In the body of the application formulate a few sentences the essence of the claim. For example, if you are flooded neighbors from above, and you are not being able to negotiate peacefully, filed a lawsuit in the world court, please indicate when and under what circumstances an event occurred.
Write up your requirements to the defendant, citing existing laws. For example, if the Gulf is necessary to specify what damage was caused by negligence of the neighbors above.
Write about the circumstances upon which you base your requirements and provide the evidence confirming these circumstances. For example, as evidence can be specified damaged repair of the apartment. But it is necessary to make an inspection of the apartment, the official appraiser and signed with witnesses.
Specify the amount of the claim, if the reason for appeal to court became a money dispute. In this case you need to write how much it is estimated the restoration of the apartment. To confirm the required documents, for example, estimates for the repair.
List the documents that apply to the claim. Must be a copy of the application, it is sent to the Respondent. Receipt of payment of state duty. The documents confirming the requirements, stated in the lawsuit. In the case of a monetary dispute shall be the calculation of the amount levied.