Advertise the sale of the vehicle in the greatest possible number of media. Use the Internet and print media. Some buyers when buying a car still prefer to look through the magazine and find the ad, and not to choose the right car with the help of the Internet.
Hang ads on sites,,, In the text be sure to specify car model, year of manufacture, mileage, equipment, price, leave a contact number or email address. Take a picture of the machine and attach photos to the ad. Most buyers opt for the sale that is on the photos.
Give ads in magazines "Cars and rates", "hand in hand - the Car" and other publications that accept ads from individuals are free. Place there's the same text as in the online advertisement, optionally specifying the name and mobile phone.
Before the sale, prepare the following documents: - vehicle passport (PTS) with information about the car and its previous owners;- certificate of vehicle registration;- power of attorney certified by a notary (if you are not the owner of the car). It should be pointed out that you have the right to represent the interests of the owner in the Commission of registration actions, issued in the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (№ 488 dated 04 Jun 2007), original and copy;- passport or identity card of the officer with the help of F7;- receipt of payment of state duty for the removal of the car from the register.
After your car found a buyer, go with him to one of the organizations licensed by the traffic police which are engaged in registration of contracts of purchase and sale of vehicles. This document will be needed when putting the machine on the account.