You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • phone;
  • products for car care;
  • - new consumables.
First you need to decide whether you will independently engage in the sale of the car or trust to be of a special organization. The first option is cheaper, since you don't have to pay anyone, but you will have to spend a lot of personal time.
Prepare your car for sale. Thoroughly clean its interior, replace all the consumables, the lifetime of which is about to end. Do not try to save on trifles, after all, experienced a buyer sees even the smallest fault, and will they significantly bring down the price.
Pay special attention to the paintwork. The price is fifty percent dependent on appearance. Visit your nearest auto repair and polishing to remove all scratches and give the car fresh and Shine.
Post free ads about buying a car in the newspaper. Place it on the special platforms on the Internet. To the announcement, attach a recent photograph of your car. This will speed up the sale.
In any case, do not remove the car from the register in advance. According to statistics, an overwhelming number of hijackings have on cars with transit numbers.
Don't hang on the car ad or the sticker with the text about the sale, not to attract the attention of thieves and other fraudsters.
During a car inspection do not allow a potential buyer to sit behind the wheel of the car. It is best to meet to take someone from the friends to be safe.
If the buyer has agreed to buy your car, take him to Deposit ten percent of the total cost of the car. A contract of sale only trusted notary.
Be sure to check the money in the Bank, to protect yourself from fakes. If the value of the car is large, it is advisable to open a Bank account to which the purchaser will transfer the money. So you fully protect yourself.
If you don't have the time or desire to engage in the sale of your car, you can contact a special organization. This requires care in selecting such company.
Please only the branch that has positive customer feedback. It is best to find such an option when the car is on the site of the company at your price. That is for selling you pay no percentage of the transaction, and a fixed amount.
In an extreme case, if there is no time for sale cars, and the money is needed promptly, it is possible to sell the car dealers. The entire procedure usually takes no longer than two hours. But your car will appreciate at the lowest cost.